Driving Tests

Even though all Covid restrictions for driving lessons and driving test are in the past, we are still living with the backlog of driving tests caused by covid lockdowns. The result of this has been widespread. On the one hand there are pupils who are ready for their test who cannot get a test date while on the other their are test candidates who have a test coming up but who are unable to find a driving instructor. The result is driving test no shows where the examiner is available but the test candidate does not attend. One answer that people have looked at to try to get an earlier driving test is to use a driving test cancellation finder app. While these can be useful, its always worthwhile going on line yourself to see if you can get a test cancellation. Some driving test cancellation apps have a free option while the normal paid for services can vary between £9 and £19 on average. It is ideal to try to get a driving school booked before you apply for a test.