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Dual Controls

Do you have to learn in a car with dual controls? This is a question that often gets asked. And the answer is no you don’t. Learning in a car with dual controls is obviously going to be a much safer experience. however it is not a legal requirement. In fact you don’t even need […]

Learning to drive Theory

Learning how to drive has become the newest basic needs of life and understanding how actually has various reasons. Some workplaces require an applicant to have a driver’s license because the position might require the worker to travel to certain locations and perform specific tasks. Driving can also save you from the inconveniences and expenses […]

Intensive Courses

Is it right for you? Learning to Drive can either be easy or hard depending on someone’s ability, and you have to have a realistic perspective of things in regards to using an intensive driving course to try and pass the UK driving test per week. Most driving organizations that offer these classes will inform […]

Learning Resources

BOOKS: 1) Highway Code, 2) Driving the Essential Skills PC DVD: Driving Test Success – All Tests is an excellent resource for helping you to learn and practice all that is needed to pass your Theory Test: New THEORY TEST HAZARD PERCEPTION TEST PRACTICAL TEST The OFFICIAL Highway Code SAFE DRIVING for Life Learn ON THE GO […]